Our Services

Oil Changes

At Garage Callaci we have several forms of oil in stock and can provide low prices and quick modifications to get you back on the road with minimum trouble. Our professionals will provide complete assistance and expert advice to valued clients and also offer professional roadside assistance.

General mechanic’s Tires

We stock a wide spectrum of tires to exclusively suit your driving requirements and budget. We provide exclusive tire pricing and appointments are accessible regularly. It is as easy and secure! Our tire repair service promises to exclusively restore your tire back to their original vehicle finish utilizing the same products that the manufacturers utilize.

Brake Pads

If you are anxious about the performance of your brakes or would like them noticed before going on a long journey please book an appointment and our expert brake professionals will complete a free, no-obligation brake inspection. After the investigation, we will offer you with a complete brake report and a quote for any service which is required.

Suspension Work

Your vehicle's suspension system is efficiently a complex series of elements crafted to work together to restrict the undulations and vibrations from the road surface, offering a smooth, controlled and complacent driving experience. Managing a healthy vehicle suspension system is important if you are to gain the A1 comfort, stability and handling characteristics from your vehicle.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is not just amazing for those hot summer days; it's a handy equipment for demisting windows during the winter months too, which is why it is so crucial to have it operating all throughout the year. We consider having your car air conditioning system serviced with lubricant and gas every two years to keep it running appropriately.

Tune Ups

Tune Ups

Diagnosis of latest vehicles is only possible with the appropriate equipment. We utilize scopes, scanners and technical information systems from various vehicle manufacturers as well as aftermarket equipment. This provides us the capability to operate on nearly all vehicles that are currently on roads.

TElectrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics

We offer a variety of vehicle maintenance and repairs services, as well as car engine conversions and tuning. We also offer exceptional services for electrical diagnostics, so whatever vehicle troubles you may be having, be certain to call Garage Callaci today with your inquiry.

Car Servicing and Repairs

Car Servicing and Repairs

Constant car servicing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to assure that you get consistent reliability for your vehicle. A good service history can also assist maintain your vehicle’s resale value and reduce functioning costs by making certain that your engine is operated smoothly and prohibiting future damage.

Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

Here at Garage Callaci, our professionals operate with thousands of valued clients so if you have a clutch to be repaired or a heavy clutch pedal, or it is tough to modify gear, our specialists can surely assist and help you out of this hassle.

Automotive electrical repair

Automotive Electrical Repair

We are a leading specialist in the supply, repair, and installation of electrical components to all forms of vehicles. Utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment, our vehicle professionals at Garage Callaci are exclusively able to access the status of any vehicle sub-system through expert onboard diagnostics.

Garage Callaci Profile

We are the fastest-growing, professional repairer network. Our managed growth strategy has seen the Garage Callaci network expand exceptionally over the past few months providing a wide spectrum of amazing services in the form of car brake replacement, clutch replacement, tires for sale, complete car repairing service and more...

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